Lost recently acquired items

Has anyone else been having this problem, I recently bought the guide witness shirt, gloves, shoes, and got a mask and a few other items from rift disks, after I got these items I closed the game, and when I reopened the game a few hours later I ended up finding that the stuff I had gained was removed from my inventory. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • I just had the exact same issue, which I posted about a few minutes before you did. Maybe something's going on with the game's servers?
  • Hey crulou,

    I'm very sorry to hear about this loss of your equipment.

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4)?
    - If you play PC, does your PC specifications meet the minimum requirements for Absolver?
    - When did it happen the first time (date, time, your timezone)?
    - In which region are you located/playing from?
    - Have you tried checking file integrity and/or reinstalling the game?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • My Platform is steam, and my PC meets the specs required for Absolver.
    My region is Pacific Northwest and happened approximately between 6-8 pm on the same date I posted about it in the forums
    an uninstall and reinstall didn't return the items.
  • what do pc specs have to do with anything? things are literally disappearing from inventories and equipped items - fix your game
  • Hey crulou,

    Thanks for answering our questions! Would you be so kind to email us at support_pc (at) sloclap (dot) com with a zipped copy of your save file? This will help us resolve the issue.

    For the time being, please don't purchase any items from the Store or open any Rift Coins/Disks so as not to waste any Fragments you're earning until this is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience while we try to resolve these issues.
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