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  • Kencoewah
    I'm new to this whole thing and clueless on who or how I should write the Team of Slow clap on the topic. I'd like to offer my sincere admiration and gratitude for the product of Absolver, and the commitment of making it better.
    Reflecting on my own experience in and of Absolver a lingering question about how certain mechanic play against the core of what Absolver is. If martial arts is truly an expression of culture and personality.Then why doesn't it aesthetic reflect that in the game? Techniques based on moderat balance are (r)less accurate and strong. Techniques that require more or an abundance of balance (r) have less power but more accuracy. Throughout my time playing since launch I have found that playing without regards to balance and challenging others who exploit this machanic. Takes away from the whole value of using actual real life fighting styles practiced and the purpose behind each move set please take this in to consideration.
    (r) - Realisticlly
    December 16