Spectator Mode



  • I think we need someone to confirm what is going to happen with this feature. Someone from SloClap team and then close this thread.
  • While we were in beta we’ve been lucky enough to witness some of the intensity that Absolver will bring to players. So that everyone can join in on the fun, we’ll be adding a Spectator mode to the game so you can get inspired by other players and their own mastery of the game’s mechanics.

    Discuss this future feature here!

    That sounds pretty wicked but is there a possible date that this will be complete or is it already finished and I just missed it somehow?
  • Any word on this update? Can we please get something! Its been nearly a year since the last update or any word!!!! Plus the schools are down for xbox.... I know because I play everyday its deppresing to see my favorite game so dead
  • lol this game is ded!
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