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  • Kencoewah
    I'm new to this whole thing and clueless on who or how I should write the Team of Slow clap on the topic. I'd like to offer my sincere admiration and gratitude for the product of Absolver, and the commitment of making it better.
    Reflecting on my own experience in and of Absolver a lingering question about how certain mechanic play against the core of what Absolver is. If martial arts is truly an expression of culture and personality.Then why doesn't it aesthetic reflect that in the game? Techniques based on moderat balance are (r)less accurate and strong. Techniques that require more or an abundance of balance (r) have less power but more accuracy. Throughout my time playing since launch I have found that playing without regards to balance and challenging others who exploit this machanic. Takes away from the whole value of using actual real life fighting styles practiced and the purpose behind each move set please take this in to consideration.
    (r) - Realisticlly
    December 2017
    • Lady_Snowblood
      Hi. This is five years later. They took your comment into consideration, and made a brand new, highly documented, kung-fu game. They spent a lot of time trying to reach a point where their game was realistic and convincing from the martial arts point of view. Please have a look at Sifu, it's great
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  • johnjosh
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  • johnjosh
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  • fizzaali
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  • static212
    Sorry to add this but I had to interject this but the the game could be ported to the switch smoothly if team gave the game to wonderful team over at panic button, I mean just take a look at how flawless their ports of DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, and WARFRAME have done... there are also independent companies i’m sure that could build the switch version themselves can really think of any but I know there are a few of them out there... but honestly the best way to port this to the switch is through Panic Button.
    June 2019
  • IAMGodlike
    Hey I love Absolver I have been into a lot of Skill based fighting games. However the lack of content concerns me. Please tell me you plan on adding more too the world in this game I find the fighting addictive and love the new Downfall mode but both were really short. I think this game would be even better if we had another huge area to explore.
    October 2018
    • DarkShadowStep
      Majority of MMOs have nice looking places but bad combat "all turn based and item stats based". Absolver is very good in combat but it falls shorts in areas to Explore
  • IAMGodlike
    One more thing.The second boss in Downfall with the awesome kicks. It looks loosely based off Wing Chun? Is this a style that you plan on adding to the game in a future update That was one of the Hardest bosses I fought be I loved his moves and would love to use them on unsuspecting players in pvp
    October 2018