Double tap directionnal key for dodging

I just started absolver and find many aspect ackward, one main thing being:

Why the directionnal keys cannot be double tapped to dodge, instead of getting another key to use in same time as directionnal key; there's already so much key that are for nothing most of the time: 4 directionnal key for mouvement and 4 directionnal keys for position, while both of those might have been merge into 4 keys instead of 8:

...W-E-S-D keys instead...
holding both WE would move forward,
holding ED would go sideway,
So, by simply double taping one of those would make a single step in the diagonal direction forward or backward, therefor changing the stance, this would just make the whole controle way more intuitive and the combat more realistic.

P.S.:Also the same can be said about the parry special of styles, could be made that while holding guard while click attack mouse button keys would perform the left/right style option instead of requiring mouse movement.

NB: freeing many key will allow you to bring two keys missing in the game, communly known as crouch and jump; I would suggest you to take a look at the old bushido blade game on PS2 and how they made the mechanics of the 2 keys work and inspire yourself from that.


  • Hi ninjardin,

    Thanks for your suggestion about adding more flexibility and simplicity to Absolver controls. We can't promise you that your ideas will be implemented, but we appreciate sharing your vision of making controls more intuitive. Feel free to add more details and/or share more feedback and ideas. Thanks again!
  • The keyboard bindings in this game could really use modifiers other than double press too. It would be nice to be able to hold shift and press WASD to use the directional special abilities.
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