Absolver VR

Hey Absolver Team!

How's it going? So this is a really far out suggestion, but a suggestion none the least.
I love Absolver. Been playing about a year and some months now, still till this day! I'm a boxer :)
So have you guys ever thought about. Absolver VR? I know that'd be a lot of work, but I think it's an awesome idea for the future if Absolver.

Good luck you guys!!
Thanks for Absolver


  • Hi hkcloudz,

    Thanks, we are fine. Hope you too! Great to know that you enjoy Absolver!

    Thank you for your suggestion about VR. As for now, we don't have plans for major updates. You can find one of the recent letters to the community from our Creative Director here. We'll let you know if something changes. Anyway, feel free to share your feedback and suggestions!
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