Some simple user interaction ideas...

Hi all,

One of the few things I find frustrating in the game is the implementation of user interaction. Although I fully agree it should be narrowed to emotes, I feel that the current design has some awkwardness to it that could be resolved a few ways. First I will describe the issue then posit a suggested fix for the issue in question.

Issue 1 - Some basic expressions are missing
I can't count how often I wanted a simple thumbs down emote. That way it is easy to express yes or no without implying anything else. The current 'No' is a bit on the condescending side and I refuse to use it in light of that. I don't want to inadvertently insult other players just to say, nah bro. :smile:
The other missing one is 'Please Wait' so that I can ask a player to wait and subsequently watch how I knock down an NPC (or group) in a fight. This would be super handy for showing how to use my deck to fight NPCs effectively and amounts to a 'Hold my beer' emote which would be really fun to use. :smiley:

Issue 2 - Too few slots for emotes that I want to use.
I find myself really wanting to use more than the allotted amount in the wheel. The bottom few slots are taken up by the invite/exit a fight triggers, which are themselves not that useful. It's much easier to walk up to a player, bow, target, and stand blocking to express your intent to fight. This is super classy in game. So let's kill two birds with one stone here. Allow the player to assign an emote to the action, be it declare or end a fight. I can see many people using the kung fu beckon for the fight invite, and in response using the martial salute to acknowledge the fight and initiate the combat session. My intuition tells me the original design called for this is be the 1x1 Combat Trial mode, but I digress. Once initiated a 'Time Out' emote would come in very handy as a request end fight emote. By using the emotes for this you could also swap out the fight acceptance emote for your combat trial intro animation instead which would be really cool. Or if you accept a fight request maybe both players go into their respective animations. That would be a cool way to encourage use of this approach. Either way this makes the interaction far more seamless and adds the appropriate social context. Other players would see the interaction and follow suit. At it's heart this should inspire players to be polite and respectful during play.

Devs, thanks again for the hard work. I'm looking forward to the hit stun fix in the next patch! I apologize in advance for stirring the pot as I add suggestions. This post is the tip of an iceberg of ideas. (see other posts for pending warning signs :wink: )

Players, please chime in on suggestions you like. The more the community supports an idea the more likely it will get implemented. If we channel our interests as consumers into constructive dialog, we can make this game the best fighting game experience bar none. Seriously. It can happen if we are patient and communicate clearly and respectfully.


  • Hi matthewpmcguire,

    Thank you for your suggestions about adding more emotes and organizing a way of interaction between players. I have passed everything along to the rest of the team, though we can't promise to implement all these ideas in the game.

    We are grateful for your feedback and explanations, please continue sharing your thoughts with the community and us!
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