About my last post (....wtf)

So after a few days worth of playtime with the new patch update, i realize that first several hours i was so angrey about in my last post were result of bad connection on my part.
These last few days of playing have been pretty clean for the most part, theres still a strange glitch happening where npc's can manual dodge literally through my horizontal kicks or sweep (like they travel directly through the path of my attack and my arm or leg phases right through the opponent as they dodge) as well as sometimes an opponent will manual dodge and my move will get cancelled and my avatar will clumsily change position to face the opponent instead of finishing the attack animation.
A few server mishaps here and there but over all i wanna issue an apology to sloclap, i know you all have worked very hard on this title and im very sorry i addressed any issues i experienced with ssuch aggression,
Especially when i wasnt even 100% sure that the problems i was experiencing were relevant to the actual game and not just bad connectivity on my part. Im sorry i cam here on the forums and added to the list of players who complain about this game cause it really is so great. I hope you guys stay with absolver for a long time to come,
Thank you you all so much, fold well my friends


  • Hey SlyRiot,

    Thanks for the post and no worries. We're used to our community being passionate about things. All we ask is that people do their best to stay constructive and informative so we can try to resolve the issues we can.
  • I understand, can i ask why advantage was taken out? It really hinders gameplay to be honest. Faijin parry follow ups can be be blocked as well as any forsaken parry follow up and i can get jabbed even after avoiding an attack (i play stagger and windfall)
    Now gaurd breaks and punishing moves are extremely difficult to land on most players running a short frame deck even if they have a beginner deck.

    The only reason i bring it up is because i have almost 800 hours in the game and i got trashed by a spammer that was literally prospect level 10.
    I feel like ive spent way to much time getting good at this game just to get bodied by someone who just started playing ya know? Id really like to see the advantage system come back cause i dont wanna play pvp anymore if any random can just button mash me to death.
    Theres no skill needed anymore and as a high level player i just dont understand...
  • Hi SlyRiot,

    We were trying to fix an issue where inputs were delayed after any stun, resulting in wrong advantage frames, but the fix on stun durations had negative side effects on the pressure game, making it too easy to interrupt chains with fast attacks. Frame advantages are currently being reworked to improve this. We have also spotted a bug on “parried” and “avoided” states, in which guard was available earlier than it should have; this created a number of problems, notably with Faejin style, but the bug has now been corrected and the fix will be available in the next patch.
  • Excellent thank you so much, i cant wait to jump back into pvp :)
  • edited February 2019
    So the parrys and sideavoids will get another fix waterfall? Because atm we can still block after a forsaken parry or a feajin low parry.
    Btw @slcp_WaterfallX please inform your mates that forsaken and khalt have an additional delay from input-to-animation of 17ms(khalt) and 34ms(forsaken) wich is one of the reasons that forsaken is rarely seen

    (ive messured the input delay for the other styles wich all have been around 83ms so khalt all in all has 100ms and forsaken 117)
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