I miss the old enemy layout

Ive been playing since day 1, I played a lot the first few weeks. I remember very early on, one of the updates altered the number, and distribution of enemies in various areas throughout the game. I believe it was in response to player feedback.
To this day, there are places in some areas that feel rather empty to me, and i sometimes wish the enemy configuration was the way it was originally.


  • I'm a new player, but totally agree that much of the map is completely devoid of stuff to do or enemies to fight. This hurts the pacing of the game and makes for some very boring map traversal. I still love the combat and such but there needs to be some focus on maximizing the experience overall.
  • I agree, Quixote. Been playing since launch and at first so many enemies was overwhelming but over time I appreciated the challenge especially since the change. Not for everybody, of course, but it's a fighting game, I'm a PvE player, and I'd like to fight as much as possible.
  • Yea the week of release there was way more npcs i got ganked constantly lol,
    These days id rather see those numbers than the three or four grouped up like its been for so long lol no biggie though
  • So after playing the game for far too many hours and progressing through the badge levels, I noticed that as you level through a given badge (be it clear, bronze, silver, etc...) you encounter other players based on that level. So when I 'trip' from one badge to another at the lower levels I typically run into lower level players and NPCs. I rather like this design as it assures that experienced players encounter new players at varying degrees of skill. This also directly affects the kind of NPCs generated for the zone such that at low levels I typically see reds and oranges, while at higher levels I see purples and the occasional yellows in Downfall. Yes this does have a similar affect in Downfall mode, but it isn't precisely the same. It can generate yellows where as all pre-downfall areas cannot.

    So my suggestion is to change the NPC layout based on this and use that to populate the Imperial Quarters zone. Such that when I am at the low level of a badge no NPCs appear in the Imperial Quarters. At high level however, I would love to see purples in the tower to wall bridge library area and yellows at the very top. Where to put those yellows, which are obviously our Marked ones? Open the two golden doors at the top so as to walk around the rim of the tower AFTER the player beats Risryn alone the first time. (On close inspection that rim looks entirely traversable.) Then add spawn points for your marked ones around the rim. In this way advanced players that have beaten Risryn can open the tower rim and fight the marked ones for moves without traversing the map repeatedly. When you trip back to lower levels they don't spawn encouraging you to go find them again and at the same time encounter lower level players to guide. This idea also allows for group fights against them as well. Such that you could take a couple friends into a fight with Kuretz, the Twins, or even Risryn herself. This would have little impact on the existing gameplay or narrative yet would populate the quarters with something to do for high level players. Based on some zone inspection this doesn't add new content so as to limit impact on the change. The only significant content change that stands out is changing those golden doors so they can work. Naturally that should work just like Jinn's door. However in this case they are Risryn's gates. I tried my best to estimate the scope of changes required so as to help save you some time assessing the implementation trade off. Ideally we always want to reuse everything we can and change as little as possible in the process. I may be wrong, but this kind of change should be significantly smaller than something like the winter map zones for instance.

    There are clearly no major updates to expect anytime soon, but I do want to share the idea for future consideration. It would flesh out the experience just a touch more and give the game a more completed feeling to new players.
  • Hi matthewpmcguire,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion about changing the NPC layout and adding spawn points to populate some areas. We can't promise that it will be implemented in the game, but your idea sounds nice and it was passed along to the rest of the team. Thanks again for the detailed feedback. Do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts.
  • Aside from grinding out combat levels, I'm running thin on things in game to do. So you will probably see a few more game design ideas fleshed out like this. My next diatribe will probably be about the Outer Wall areas and the Inner Tower and Library areas. (Not a repeat of my last one now that I have dug into this one further.) Every time I enter the Tower from the Oration Quarter entrance and see all those lovely bridges up there that we can't explore and fight across, it bums me out a little. There is so much tower map area that could be fleshed out. The other thing nagging at me are entrances to the Mines and Cave Temples in the main map. I know that the Downfall design called for dynamic maps, but I still really wish there were 'natural' paths to them as entrances instead of initiating a combat trial like session. So yeah... ideas abound for the east and south quadrants of the tower perimeter there.
  • the game indeed needs more PvE content and something to keep both beginners and pros on playing, i suggested lost prospects with random combat deck, random gear or school combat deck. this way people learn special ability faster and will use it more often, they may learn a move slower, but wider and in variety...
    i wonder there are no stagger and faejin NPCs on world map! even the old drunk jinn mesca don't use stagger special abilities.
    when i was hitting all mobs fast and slaying them, i felt something very new at a moment: a faejin fighter blocked two of my attacks one after each other and punished me, thats the time i was thinking "hey, you are goin to face a challenge with this NPC, it needs some new way" and i was thinking of new ways, thats when i realized how can it be good to test yourself with an NPC. they dont need new map or even new cloths, maybe new AI require.
    RANDOM DECK NPCs! please :neutral:
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