some ideas of new weapons in the game as well as a new fighting style

I have this idea to incorporate certain weapons in the game and would love to hear the developers feed back on such content as well as the absolver community. Now I will say this I do not know if these ideas were from someone else on these forums and I don't not mean to intrude on another's ideas. With that said I would enjoy polearms in the game whether they be staves or Spears. Seeing as it would be in the guidelines of blunt and cut that are already in the game. I would also like to see more combat styles in the game and any and all fighting would stellar to be seen in this game and see it branch out more. I could see a fighting style where if you were to dodge to the left or right it would counter in the way like stagger style but only to the left or right. Now if it was on controller (because I only play on Xbox) if you were to go up on certain attacks that are dealt to you, for ex; a charge attack it would strike out according to it and counter with a block then a attack depending on the level of damage from light to heavy depends on the counters strength but only to hit back a portion from 20% damage dealt for light to 50% dealt back as to heavy. Now if you were to hit down on the right analog stick you would be able to parry an attack and gain health only to punchs and kicks from the back stance and have your character dodge back after parrying to give you a breather. Now it would need a few tweaks from the developer and I could see them improving on my idea to make it less overpowered than it actually sounds like right now. But back to the weapons I also could see some others weapons being incorporated to the game that could have piercing which would break certain armors to where you would need to repair your armor if you take to much damage and don't block the piercing weapons with another weapon of your own and make more repairing more viable to where your armor becomes a crucial role in the game. Now the repairs would only need 10 fragments to repair from a pierced state and it should only cost a small amount. Now it only has a debugging for the pierced state on armor. What do you guys think about all these ideas?? I think these would be awesome ideas for the developers.


  • Hey LeoOfLions,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! As for now, we don't have plans for major updates which could implement such changes to the gameplay. You can find the recent letter to the community from our Creative Director here.

    Anyway, we are glad that Absolver induces your creativity, so do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts with the community and us!
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