Absolver on Switch

Who else thinks this game would make an excellent title on Nintendo Switch??


  • to transfere absolver to nintendo switch would be complicated af right? and with a small playersbase it wouldnt be worth it i think. but personally i'd love to see the playerbase grow aaaaand it would definitly be a reason for me to buy a switch because playing absolver anywhere would be amazing. all in all yeah it would be excellent :blush:
  • I'm no developer so I can't speak to the difficulty of porting a game to another system, especially one so new, but from my perspective as a player I think the game would thrive on Switch! Also considering how many indie games seem to find a home on Switch, it feels fitting that this game would grace that console.
  • Thank you for your feedback and support, guys. Though we do not have plans for porting to Nintendo switch now, everything can change one day.
  • Hey there guys, I know this was kinda closed off last year but is there any plans or at least ideas of porting the Absolver game to the Nintendo Switch since then? It's a great game with amazing replay value in my opinion and I would love to see it on the Nintendo Switch, though I do understand how difficult it would be to port it. Either way I believe its a great game and would love to see it spread to the Switch.
  • Hi FreelancerNG,

    There are still no plans for porting Absolver to the Nintendo Switch as well as for major updates as for now. You can find our most recent letter to the community from our Creative Director here.
  • Sorry to add this but I had to interject this but the the game could be ported to the switch smoothly if team gave the game to wonderful team over at panic button, I mean just take a look at how flawless their ports of DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, and WARFRAME have done... there are also independent companies i’m sure that could build the switch version themselves can’t really think of any at the moment but I know there are a few of them out there... but honestly the best way to port this to the switch is through Panic Button.
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