New Weapon, Nunchucks?

Your thoughts? I'd like to get my Bruce Lee mode activated.


  • Good idea! I've thought about this too, greaves (leg versions of wargloves), a staff of some kind (there's an Absolver on the loading screen on Xbox holding a staff of some kind), dual daggers would be pretty cool as well!
  • Hi LudaChris and VaporwaveKnight,

    Thanks for sharing the idea about adding new weapons to Absolver. We thought about adding staff to the game, but it turned out to be much more complex than other weapons because it is a two-handed weapon. However, images of the Staff looked so cool that it was decided to leave them in the reveal trailer and loading concept art.

    As for now, we don't have plans for major updates, but we are thankful for sharing your feedback!

    You can find our most recent letter to the community from our Creative Director here:
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    You guys should really consider a 2 handed/heavy weapon style move set. Even if it were limited to only 5-6 moves per school and could only really link with various kicks it would be a nice little addition. Even when coming down to the types of staves it'd be really easy. Tear would be a heavier more metal blunt staff, Oration/Adalian would be more refined with maybe more a poleaxe/halberd end dealing more cut damage. Then you could more or less intermix the other cultures with their own hybrid style. I know you guys are busy, but hey, this game is great and deserves some more love.
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