PvE Survival Mode DLC?

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With the downfall update, it gave me and my friends the perfect excuse to dive back into the game, but after 3-4 hours, we were done.... We've already seen all the incredible landscapes and cool looking new enemies, it was one of the best experiences we had with a fighting game, yet we felt so empty because it was so short, the problem is (I guess) the amount of development it takes to make a linear experience and keep it engaging.

So, to keep it specific, me and my other Absolver buddy recently picked up RE/Biohazard 6, and summed up about 25 hours in 2 weeks, with the catch being, we BARELY even touched the story mode, all those hours went straight into their own take on survival mode gameplay, they throw you in a medium-sized map and spawn enemies at you to see how long you will last... Which brings me to thinking about how cool it would be to have that kind of gamemode in Absolver, with downfall being a success and leaving the community asking for more PvE

Just let us choose between 3-5 decent-sized maps with incoming waves of enemies that proggressively get stronger with each wave, with the marked ones popping up occassionally as bosses, set a bunch of scoreboards, basic stuff, it would be really fun for people who just want to enter the game and punch something, with a 5 minute countdown that boosts with specific combos to add some rush, etc

a survival specific soundtrack addition would be cool too

Love you Slo-Clap team!



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