"Freeing" Lost Prospects

I know that this idea has probably already been suggested before, but I didn't run into it while searching so I will throw it out there. lol

My idea was about the lost prospects. Maybe there could be a way to free or help some of them? And when you "free" them, they follow you and provide a little help to your fights.

**(What I mean by freeing them is to help them come back to sanity and not be in utter despair anymore.)**

Maybe a player could have the max cap of 2 freed prospects follow them around. But it wouldn't be so cut-n-dry. It may take time to actually free them to begin with. If you do free the prospect (probably over a certain amount of tries over time), when they start following you, they might go bonkers and attack you instead of attacking the person you're fighting lol and you may have to straighten them back out until they are 100% sane again. lol

When you get tired of them fighting by your side and following you, you can take their mask off and they can run off and eventually fade away - (we can assume them running off and living a wonderful life until they die or just dying instantly. I don't know lol)

I don't know, maybe it could be like a mini game or something. Just a thought.
- and the "freed" prospects that follow a player would be a copy of the original so that it doesn't take lost prospects away from the original game.

Thanks for reading my idea^^


  • Flip it around. Maybe you 'lead' the lost. Such that you can dominate them like Kuretz does. They take on your fighting school or their default if you don't have one. Once dominated they follow and fight with you. Think about collecting them up and taking a train of them into a fight with Dormek or Revario.
  • Hey NerdSista and matthewpmcguire,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas about helping/leading lost prospects. The ideas are nice, but we don't have plans for major updates as for now. You can find our most recent letter to the community from our Creative Director here.

    Anyway, we are always happy to know your feedback, so do not hesitate to share your thoughts.
  • Thank you so much!
    I appreciate the feedback from you both! :)
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