Hey, I got a lock on the game because I used the cheat engine to unlock the free camera for screenshots somehow. I'm new to this game and I'm not going to cheat
And here the question arises where I can write about the request to remove the lock on the game


  • Hello Zmiiju,

    We're against using any cheat engine even for cosmetic modifications.

    We suggest reading this to get more information about Account Bans.

    Thanks for understanding.
  • I know, and I understand this, although I just started playing it and I did not even intend to run the mutli I wanted to go through the story and make some screenshots, and now I have a ban on my account and I want him to disappear, I have never used cheats to cheat on the multi, I'm against it myself, so I do not want to show on the profile that I was punished for cheating which I did not commit.
    So I would be very grateful for help in the matter,
    and promises not to use any programs, though a pity because I wanted to make some nice shots from a free camera

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