Can anyone teach Calbot?

I'll trade for other moves but I got tired of running around the map for 6 hours and wasting an entire day.


  • If PS4, add Me (Sieraen) and hmu
  • I need that as well please. Im only missing 3 others so i will help if i can.
  • I can teach any move on PC except sword moves still working on that...
  • I need this move too, PSN: FatMus2
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    I'm looking for many weapon moves..

    Will trade Calbot and other moves for em:)

    PSN: Sieraen (message me in advance)
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    Missing six sword moves.
    Digging parry elbow
    Parry slash
    Reverse rising thrust
    Rising spin slash
    Twist hips slash
    Foward lean slash

    Will teach any other moves in exchange.

    Ps4 BadEyedBill

    Will be on way to often.
  • Can someone teach it to me too? Sorry, I've been searching for about 3 nights now lol
  • I lucked upon the guy once in Raslan Cosloseum when I was new to the game. It was a funny scenario, all he did was dodge and slap. I was like "this guy..." I'm glad I leaned the move from him; it was the only time i've seen him. I try to incorporate that slap into all my decks even though it's fairly useless move.

    anyone willing to trade-teach, message me on psn: SkunQiBuhdz

    I'd like to learn the few remaining stagger sword moves I have left. Nose stab being one of them that i can remember off-hand.
  • just posting these for posterity:
    Spoon Slash, Wrist-roll slash and Nose Stab are the stagger sword moves I'm looking for.
  • Can teach any moves, bare fist or sword on PS4.

    PSN: Integr8
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