Path to Grand Mastery

Anyone learn all of the moves yet? I have all but one and it's driving me nuts trying to figure out where it is. It's rising spin slash. Anyone know where it is?

The barehand combat moves weren't bad to learn. Pretty much involves running around to the four region areas and punching things, but the sword skills are/were a nightmare. Finding a sword and smacking it infront of the enemy, running back and forth to reload the zone to repopulate swords. It was truly a headache. Especially the annoying colorful guys in the forest. They pull their own swords out when they're almost dead and spend 90% of the time dashing in and out and feinting. I think I spent almost 5 hours just in bird callers trying to get these jerks to hit me with the right move.


  • Okay, I found this irritating move. Not sure if any regular enemy uses this, as I've run all through every single area and thrown swords at anyone who will pick one up. But Rising Spin Slash is one of the default moves that are given to Forsaken players. If anyone happens to need this last move to fill out their repertoire, get a friend that started as a Forsaken to teach it to you.

    Grand mastery complete.
  • I thought I'd ask here since you accomplished grand mastery. Do you remember were you got underknee kick? It's the last move I need for my bare hands list.
  • Grand mastery complete.
    Rising spin slash is a starting forsaken.
    And reverse rising thrust is a kault starter.
    I dont know which move windfall has but no npcs have these moves.
  • Kitsueno Cut(windfall) can be learned from NPCs, specifically the bosses in Adaline Combine.

    If anyone comes across Rising Spin Slash on an NPC please message me where you found it. It's my last move to learn. It does seem to be taken out of the NPC repertoire; I haven't found it anywhere.
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  • Have never seen Rising Spin Slash in game after 40-50 hours. I've also never encountered the Calbot NPC in that time.

    Would anyone be able to help me with both of those moves and Side Wind Thrust as well? I can teach anything else in exchange (none of my friends play the game).

    dougal_95 on PS4
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