Loading failed for schools

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I am an Xbox one player who has tried all troubleshooting steps, with Microsoft. on a side note my Nat type is open and I am using wireless connection instead of Ethernet at the moment and receiving 85mb upload 94mb download. the problem seems to persist on the games end. My region is Northeastern United States. This issue has been occurring since I started playing the game two days ago but didn't drive me up a wall until I found myself literally restricted from joining Rakkio school for stagger style. I find it completely dumbfounded that the game provides an offline option but locks a main part of the game behind servers (good call). Also yes I am playing online when trying to retrieve the stagger style and only obtaining loading failed, before I receive a comment about the previous sentence.


  • I think there is an issue with the schools part of the game right now. Myself and many people I know and everyone I have met in the community is having this problem. I have NOT met one person who is NOT having this problem.
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