new patch notes?

i'm not seeing anything anywhere. thanks.


  • Hi Deacon,

    The Patch Notes are on the site under the News area:
  • Are the patchnotes complete or are there a bunch of untold changes?
  • @sclp_Vanguard

    Cause I had the feeling something changed in my last fight but I couldn't figure out what
  • @methamos I noticed that the stamina game is working again. NPCs don't seem to have endless durability anymore and the fights are a lot of fun. I can mop up lower level NPCs but a group of purples or yellows are suitably dangerous. The gameplay feels 'right' again, which is a major relief. I also noticed that the effects of lag don't ruin well timed play either. Though the animations may lag a tad, the underlying combat seems to be more consistent with player input. These were the two major things that drove me nuts with the prior patch and I'm happy to say it's much better now.
  • Y I somehow felt the overall fight experience works better but im not sure.
  • Hey all,

    The patch notes are complete. We only touched what is listed.
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