The next combat style

Since i know that the xbox version is confirmed (i sincerely hope for crossplay) ive gathered new hope that absolver will be supported.

So to suggest future content i wanne share my idea for the next combat style.
Imo the next combat style should look heavy. Khalt is the only heavy looking combat style so far but im not a fan of khalts defensive ability.

Although all abilitys so far focus on the attacks height or targeting direction. Only khalt is an exception with the guard breaks as a counter. To focus on something different here is my idea.

Is a combat style that has been invented by mountain tribes that have to fight off big creatures of their cold and rough habitat.
Tørk focuses on rising, full bodyweight attacks that are designed to push up the opponents center of gravity to destabilize them
and make them vunurable.

1.: The defensive ability
You can use the Abilities in 2 different ways,
A you can use it instead of feinting an attack(with the same timing)
B you can use it while blocking, walking, doing nothing

Forward: feints the current attack to tackle the opponent immediatly
Sides: feints current attack to stomp the front leg into the ground and gaining 2 lvl decaying resilliance
Backwards: Delays the current move mid air and increases damage and stun slightly

Forward: Works with right timing on all light attacks. (covers upper body with arms and raises the front knee to dash forward)
Sides: works on all moves to the opposite side but is to slow to counter fast moves. (rolls diagonal forward behind one shoudler
of the opponent)
Backwards. Works when hitting your opponent within his own attack but has a medium start up (15) and low range
(hip throws the opponent to the ground to confirm a heavy hit afterwards)

2.:The moveset
Fast attacks: for example foot stomp, body ram, claw strike, short inside low kick, rising nose punch
Medium Attacks: for example a headbutt , tackle , elbow to kneecap,liver punch, falling smash (both fists at once)
Heavys: Drop kick, rolling kick, run up tackle, jumped out falling smash, elbow to eye, jumped out uppercut,
pressure palm ( with both palms to the ears to injure the eardrum)
aaaaaaaaaaaand many more. you just need to ask sclp and ill spam you with attack ideas xD

The equipment could contain bones and thick fells.(and ofc a bonesword)
Thanks for reading :smile:


  • That is pretty much like the tribe id imagine. just with less steel more bones and a bit more primitive

  • Hi methamos,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed suggestion of the new combat style. We do appreciate such thought-out suggestions though we can't promise that such style will be added to the game. Thank you so much for sharing your idea. You know that you are always welcomed to share more!
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    Crossplay can bring all of the players, even on the ps4 the the most popular would be good. Bring together the left behind veterans of the pc with the ps4 that have most wide range of players, and the welcome of the
    new xbox players.That would be very good for variety of players.
  • PS4 and Xbox is good. Don’t wanna ruin a PC players framerates if we decide to match in 3v3 or Downfall lmao

    Also, this seems pretty cool. I’d like to see it in action
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