Can't do anything related to school

Ive created my own school a little while after the launch and then i dropped the game.
Recently i picked it up again and tried quitting my own school. It just loads and closes, and nothing happens. I tried viewing the leaderboard and it failed to load. I tried joing my friends school and it showed that they are not in one.
Ive read through a lot of forums and it said that such bug was fixed already but im still expereincing it.
What should i do?


  • Hey Destand,

    We are sorry to hear that you still experience some issues with schools.

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4)?
    - Do you use the latest version of the game?
    - When did it happen the first time?
    - In which region are you located/playing from?
    - Have you tried checking file integrity and/or reinstalling the game?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • -I'm playing on Steam
    -currently using the 1.26_b1.21_493
    -A week ago or so, very recently
    -I'm located in Russia, the EU region
    -I checked the file integrity and it showed no results, will try to reinstall the game now
  • edited October 2018
    I reinstalled the game and still have the same issue. Can't leave my school, can't see anything related to schools. It says "failed to load"
  • Hi Destand,

    Thanks for answering our questions. This issue is probably caused by the limitation of access to our school servers from the side of Russian authorities. You can try to get access for the school options via using VPN. Let us know if that helped.
  • Ok, thanks for the advice
  • The VPN worked, currently using Windscribe if someone is interested.
    I guess the problem is resolved
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