This "desync" problem did not exist before the update.

The lag to hits registering is new with the update.

The desync making avoid or parry attacks variable to an unknown desync and impossible to time correctly is new with the update.

Before the update, when I would lag, my character would not animate or not animate correctly. This "desync" did not exist before the update. Furthermore, before the update, I really only rarely (3 minutes per 10 hours of play) experienced lag. Now it is almost absolutely constant.

There is a huge difference in this stuff before and after the update. There is absolutely no difference in my connection or in any other games.

Even slight lag (0.05ms) seems to create a variable desync that throws off my dodge windows and parry windows, making it impossible to use dodge moves and parry moves as a viable way to win. Again this is a *new* problem presenting itself as "desync" and did not happen before the update but it is gamebreaking for a large percent of the potential style of play and unintentionally makes a huge part of the game unviable. And this is unnecessary given that this or anything even close to it existed before the update.

I do not want client side animation showing me false misleading timing if I am lagging. If that is what's happening, I'd rather it be the old lag from before the update where my toon didn't animate. But I have a hard time believing I'm suddenly lagging like crazy, and even then, it is in combination with a game change to make my character animate client side despite lag which is misleading, and game breaking.

Thank you very much. I am a fan of Absolver and of SloClap, and have faith in you guys, and appreciate you making an awesome game.


  • Hey gavadgita,

    We are sorry to hear about this "desync" issue...

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4)?
    - If you play on PC, does your PC specifications meet the minimum requirements for the game?
    - In which region are you located / playing from?
    - Do you use hardwire or WiFi connection?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • PS4
    Western USA

    No problem. Glad to help. Thanks.
  • Hi gavadgita,

    Thank you so much for answering our questions. I will be passing this report along for further review. If you would like to add anything you can continue to write in this thread.

    Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.
  • Again, lag didn't present itself as desync until after the update. Using dodge moves and parry moves never looked like they worked if they ended up not working. Trying to use a lot of subtle things that always made Absolver such an awesome game ends up being frustrating, either having your inputs not register at all, or even see the animation only later to be shown that the inputs which resulted in animation didn't register and got discarded.

    There is a difference -- for me before the update inputs registered even with lag. There was a delay until the data came back from the server, sometimes, sure. But it seemed like the time stamps were logged correctly, the move interactions were calculated and returned to the client. And the effects of lag ended up getting discarded... Sure the client didn't know what was happening, but their input still ended up registering before being returned -- not getting discarded.

    Maybe now the "server" (or p2p equivalent) is prioritizing differently or something.

    Maybe it's something like that there is significantly increased required data flow now -- equating to the game actually being slower. Internet test says I have 40mbps down. 5mbps up, and 12ms ping.

    Estimated: 3 minutes of lag per 10 hours before the update. 7 seconds on average per minute now. 0.05% lag time before the update to 11.7% now. 2,300% increase in "lag".
  • I can confirm this experience on PS4 post the most recent bugfix update as well. It really ticked me off until I figured out that what felt like individual frames were being lost and due to this incredibly subtle but persistent lag. There were two dudes at the local alter so I was the only 'active' player in the zone. When this lag issue occurs the CPU fan spikes as well. For some reason the networking sync code really eats CPU cycles and sends the core temp way up. If I go offline it goes away near immediately. I don't know if anyone else has seen that on a PS4 but it does happen when this de-sync issue arises. If you get to an area that doesn't lag the problem goes away as well. It is worth noting that though this looks and feels like player sync lag, it goes away in most 1 on 1 matches. This hints that two parties in the sync works smoothly, but three or more causes issues.

    From experience this is some form of concurrency issue in the sync logic. Such that with two parties sync runs smoothly as it balances time differential between only two origins. With each input origin that joins the sync you increase the cost of sync by 1n where n is the number of input origins. This assumes a logical mesh arrangement in the sync algorithm. If it is hub and spoke in arrangement it should increase 1+n for each additional input 'spoke' instead. Hub and spoke can also maximize the sync quality between hub and spoke points to help assure better input consistency across the group. The hub effectively becomes the timekeeper for all the inputs.

    Again, this game really is awesome and I absolutely love playing it. It's also an awesome platform and flexible narrative that I can't help day dream about. Too many cool ideas abound of what you can do with this as a baseline. Thanks for all the hard work.
  • Well, there was definitely a change, and it is in regard to animation.

    Animations happen now based on client side input. Meaning, you press a button, your character animates. This happens whether or not your inputs actually reach the server and the server registers them. That is why you see animations happening on the video I linked such as the Hadrunken, which obviously don't register with the server, since my character magically goes back to blocking like 0.2 seconds into the Hadrunken animation. This didn't happen before the update. If you lagged, your character wouldn't animate. And also it was extremely rare for me to lag.

    For me it's the opposite from you situation. For me, things are pretty much in sync in the PvE world, even when I'm in a team, or fighting other players. But in 1v1's, I get a 7 seconds per minute lag, or the entire match things are subtlely out of sync and I get crazy glitches. 3v3's were so frustrating, I only played for a couple minutes.

    But I tried 1v1s for hours each day for like 4 days straight. I would say I only didn't get what I've described one match out of like six or eight or more. And I noticed other people I fought seem to be suffering from it too.

    I don't really notice any fan speed increase in the PS4, not sure if there is variable speed for the PS4 fan.
  • I played PvE enough to farm all the new moves including sword. Never had problems with this issue in PvE. I played PvP more though.
  • It is fixed for me. Thank you SloClap. You guys are awesome.
  • Nope, not fixed here. You really should post a separate report given your argument is 100% counter to mine. Oh and by the way, the CPU fan is variable as hell. Your setup simply doesn't reveal the behavior. Lucky you actually, In my case it's loud enough to be heard over the sound at regular volume.
  • the desync problem it see
    cause by about 150-200ms lagg (nothing special actually)
  • The lag to hits registering is new with the update.
    The desync making avoid or parry attacks variable to an unknown desync and impossible to time correctly is new with the update.
    These things very simply did not happen before the update and the problem is at least not solely lag and is partly and integrally due to game changes from the update.
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