School Mentor/students

I'm a mentor of my own school with just some friends, 5 or 6 maybe and I'm told I have no students, out of curiosity I find my friends who are students in my school and look at their school, and it's my school. I don't know why they "aren't" in my school but it also says they don't have a mentor. Did I do something to screw it up or is this a bug?


  • Hey OneHandedMiz3ry,

    It's a bug and it should be addressed in the nearest updates. Please accept my apologies for the trouble this problem is causing you.
  • Hi OneHandedMiz3ry,

    Just to make sure, can you please email us your school tag and the Steam ID/GoG ID/PSN ID of yourself and your students please? You can send it to support_pc or support_ps4 (at) sloclap (dot) com depending on your platform.

    This will let us look into it more closely. Thanks!
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