Arcell dissapeared

I was fighting arcell with a friend and he got disconnected, and i reached the point where he vanishes and turns into 2 of himself, but he never reappeared. I was trapped and since there was nowhere to jump off and kill myself i had to just quit and forfeit my 10k gleam...


  • Hi MoxxieBoxx,

    We are sorry to hear about this issue.

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4)?
    - When did it happen (date, time, your timezone)?
    - Was it only once or you've faced this issue happened to you several times?
    - In which region are you located / playing from?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • I was on steam, it happened around 4 AM EST, on 10/1, its only happened once, and I'm in the untied states. My friends internet died very early in the fight and it reverted to solo mode, and arcell simply followed me around without attacking or using powers, but once i got him low enough to trigger the part where he clones himself, he did his vanishing thing and then simply never reappeared. I was rewarded 3000 gleam for some reason, and the arena actually reopened, and i was able to travel back through the doorway to his arena.
    Also, there's a number of occasions where hits seem not to connect despite the opponent clearly being in range, both in pvp and pve, and both to me and my opponent. I've tested it in the meditation practice area too, and the hit will seemingly just not register regardless of how close they are to me. If the move is blocked or an ability is used against it, itseems to work just fine, but if the move should have hit them, it seems not to connect sometimes. It seems to happen to certain moves more than others, the few I've noticed are guts punch, uramawashi, and spinning high kick.
    This is a bit of a sidenote, but light sidekick also seems to have a strangely early goldlink timing to it, compared to other moves of its startup and damage, it seems to be well before the hit connects.
    Apologies for grouping these all up in one response!
  • Hi MoxxieBoxx,

    Thanks for the details, I've passed along them to the dev team for further investigation. In the meantime, if you remind any other details you can share with us that would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.
  • I'm not sure if these are bugs or not, but most double hit moves seem to have been drastically slowed, with nearly double the time between the hits, which also lengthened the goldlink timings. The ones that seem unaffected are backfall strike and sword moves. Goldlink timings in general also seem to be longer in general, but only for bare fists and wargloves, swords seem unchanged. This is even more noticable when being blocked. I've tested this on a number of different render settings, all with 60+ fps, as well as offline to rule out latency.
  • An update on the hit detection problem, many times I'll still get the screenshake and slowdown on hit of an attack but without triggering damage or hitstun.
    Also, im still not positive what triggers this bug, but there have been cases where im locked into locked combat stance where you normally have to be locked onto someone for, but i wont be locked on and ill be able to walk around like that. The movement becomes jerky and if i attempt to walk i move forward a few steps at a time, a fixed distance and pace. It seems to happen most often when in menu in some way
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