Mastering a Style keeps resetting

I am trying to master Forsaken Style. I am 3/4 way to mastering it. I found a prospect, kept parrying until the bar was full, defeated said prospect and my bar got reset back to 3/4. I did not die, I did not flee. I defeated the prospect. This kept happening. It is still happening.


  • Hey Loki13th,

    If Forsaken is your School style, then this issue should be fixed in the upcoming patches.

    Thanks for sharing your concerns!
  • Same happened to me. I am trying to learn Khalts Method and can´t progress. This also happens to different attacks. even though i get the sound that i mastered a skill. After defeating the npc nothing is unlocked.
    Strange thing is. I completly learned Windfall yesterday using a single prospect. I could unlock that. Since then i can´t master new attacks or the Khalt method.
    Forsaken is my starting style.
  • Hi SgtJonson,

    We're currently investigating on the issue including attacks not being learned when the XP wheel is complete. If you have any insight or details, do not hesitate to send us an email at

    We're really sorry about this and are working on fixing it as soon as possible.
  • Well I dont have the time to test it further. And to be honest it feels very unrewarding testing this issue.


    Maybe the issue is somewhat related to school decks. When i have unmastered skills in my deck and use these on enemies the XP-wheel gets progress. now when i use dodge/absorb/block i sometimes get the xp for those as well after succesfully defeating the npc.

    At the end, I can only speculate that enemies with a red health bar are more likely to give no XP on the wheel. It might also be a random occurance as it happened with windfall/khalt npc´s too.

    Maybe someone else has the time to test that a little more. For now I can only speculate that the progress wheel is either somewhat limited to a certain amount of XP per enemy (if you get too much XP it gets resetted), or it´s simply not saving the progress made in battle randomly.
    Both possibilities seem logic to me as i couldn´t make any progress further than one or two succesfull blocks/dodges or attacks. And using an easy NPC to master one skill did not work a single time the last hours.

    Maybe it helps.
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    Alright, after testing stuff out for 10 houres straight (since i hate myself apparently) here're some things i noticed with that "no learning" bug:

    -Re-starting the game didn't matter
    -Re-entering the schools didn't fix it
    -When the mentor changes anything in the deck and you update the deck as a student, then none of the new ones can be learnend unless restarting the game.
    -Unchanged decks since the update never had any problems.(at least not by me or friends of mine)
    -The bug isn't exclusive to the schools, can happen with npc's too.

    -The difference in enemy level (red, orange, yellow, purple) matters. The weaker ones (red) tend to get that bug more often then the mediocre or pro guys. So at some point the bars fill themselves much slower or straight up stops (at least that appeard that way). Mind you i said "tend", so that bug is not exclusive to the weaker ones, but all types of enemys, bosses included.

    -Learning everything in one go for techniques had a roughly ~75%-100% chance of beeing successfull (varying from technique to technique and previous progress stops).
    Either when the bar filled itself, the sound of it beeing learned appeared and it was saved,
    the sound was absent and it was still saved,
    the sound was there but not saved or
    none of the aforementioned with absolut random chance.
    -Learning in segments for techniques (as in learning from different opponents and hoping the little progress will be saved) had the same chance as trying it in one go for either the progress or the completion.
    -Differences of the style of the technique (Khalt, Stagger, etc...) didn't matter.
    -Learning everything in one go for Styles were never successfull, since it will reset to your previous progress stop, after defeating your opponent and altough the bar seemed full it didn't registre.
    -Learning in segments for Styles interestingly seemed to have the same chance to beeing registered like the techniques.
    -Difference in the Styles themeselve didn't matter, so far they were all equally buggy.

    and that was all for as far i tested it and noticed anything. (Testing time from 5 am til 5-6 pm with 5 different people, tested schools "#IB8","0EE", "#LHA")
  • Hey DatGai,

    Thanks for your detailed testing, it really helps our investigations. All data was passed along to the dev team.

    Thank you so much for bearing with us on this.
  • Hi, the same occurs on ps4 for the windfall style...
  • Hi all,

    Please patch your game to the 1.25 update and then see if the issues still occur. This patch included fixes to resolve these issues.
  • Allrighty, hi everyone, i've only been testing it so far for like 4 hours, and the "learning in segments" department seemed to be fixed. Couldn't get around the "in one go" and the school specific stuff. Just one question, is it intended that when you learn new styles and gain xp for them, that there is a discrepency between the enemys (purple more then yellow who give also more than red)?
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