Downfall DLC, vanishing items/powers problem.

I't appears that along with the Downfall DLC weapons,armor and even the new powers aqquired during sessions have been dissapearing lately.
To test this i have made a new character and have descoverd that this applies to everything, but the powers unlocked from overworld bosses seem unaffected.


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    I think your right, none of the gear that I had to grind for, pre update will disappear. Only the stuff I have bought or acquired after this update has disappeared.
  • I unlocked Shadow Avoid and it disappeared. I spent 3000 fragments on it. I'm super sad :(
  • Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing more details about this issue with disappearing items/powers, that helps for our investigation and finding the solution.

    If this has happened to you, please email us at support_pc (at) sloclap (dot) com with a zipped copy of your save file. This will help us resolve the issue.

    For the time being, please don't purchase any items from the Store or open any Rift Coins/Disks so as not to waste any Fragments you're earning until this is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience while we try to resolve these issues.
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