All my Gleaming Gear Disappears (Pics)

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I just unlocked the Gleaming Scarf, Gloves, and Mask... The game shows them equipped until you equip something else then it disappears. It happened with the mask and scarf. Attached are pics of the gloves doing the same. I did not change gloves to avoid loosing them..


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    This happened to my Ripan Lord Scarf :( its the only thing I bought since this update. Seems like older items pre update are safe.
  • Hello Chatry,

    We are sorry about this issue.

    Please email us at support_pc (at) sloclap (dot) com with a zipped copy of your save file. This will help us resolve it.

    For the time being, please don't purchase any items from the Store or open any Rift Coins/Disks so as not to waste any Fragments you're earning until this is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience while we try to resolve these issues.
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