Purchased items disappearing

Items and powers I've recently purchased with essence disappear when I log back in but the essence I've spent does not return. I've lost a few thousand essence from this.

I've seen a few others have the same issue.


  • I mean fragments!
  • I've also had this happen to me. Lost my Absolver Captain Top and my priest war gloves
  • Same probem today, bought bunch of stuff for essence, cant get them back
  • Hey everyone,

    Please accept our apologies for this issue.

    If this has happened to you and you didn't email us yet, please email us at support_pc (at) sloclap (dot) com with a zipped copy of your save file. This will help us resolve the issue.

    For the time being, please don't purchase any items from the Store or open any Rift Coins/Disks so as not to waste any Fragments you're earning until this is resolved.

    Thank you for your patience while we try to resolve these issues.
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