3v3 match finder

As of late I've been really into the 3v3. Its fun and different from the typical "Go that way. Fight. Die. Repeat" It allows teamwork and some sense of strategy. My only problem with it is the match finder seems to be off in terms of actually finding other players because I can almost guarantee that I am not the only person who finds this mode a lot more fun then 1v1 due to the obvious imbalance between players. I was wondering if it would be possible to combine all or at least some of the sessions to speed up the wait. Because the shortest time I've had to wait was 23 minutes. I really enjoy this mode. I don't wanna stop playing just because the wait is a half an hour.


  • Hey Bloodoath,

    Thanks for your feedback! 3v3s can be hard to find when playing at low-population times. You can hop into the official Discord and try to arrange some 3v3s in the 3v3 channel there.
  • I'll play 3v3. Let me know
  • maybe sloclap should fill in open slots with AI (purple or yellow, depending on level of players involved) after a certain time has passed without people showing up (like 5 minutes or so). That way people would get something out of waiting... Maybe the reward should then be toned down a bit, depending on amount of actual players involved, don't know
  • Hey Shaadea,

    Thanks for your suggestion about adding AI instead of real players for 3v3 in the case of player's shortage. I have passed along your idea to the rest of the team, though I can't promise it will be implemented in the game. Whatever the case we are thankful for your suggestion about improving the game, do not hesitate to share your thoughts further.
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