Can't gain XP in Khalt style anymore? PS4

I've recently joined a khalt school, as it is the last i need to learn for the trophy. However, the XP circle isn't staying where it was when I was in the previous battle, it resets to nearly nothing. I've even smacked the enemy after absorbing, before the icon disappears, but it keeps resetting for the next battle. Is this a bug or did they change something with learning the schools?


  • Update: it updated after about 35 minutes of frantically searching the net for answers & trying ingame to get it to catch up

    Need a delete topic button as well for times like this
  • And it's doing it again. Did they change it to where you can only level a class for learning in the new areas? because that is where i got to where i am now. Left the mines & no longer gain. circle gets a bit of blue then goes back to as if i didn't gain the previous fights xp
  • Hey Alzekiah1,

    Thanks for notifying us about the issues with gaining XP.

    In which region are you located/playing from? Have you tried restarting/reinstalling the game?

    We advise to email for additional assistance. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible, including screenshots or video.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
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