Move School NPC to Guidance Bridge

Right now to create or join a school players have to find their way to the Oratian Quarter by going a specific path through the Docks or the Tower of Adal. This is less than ideal as most new players won't be able to find this NPC until much later in the game. I myself didn't find this guy until I had already defeated Rysren for the first time. It makes more sense to have school creation and joining at the Guidance Bridge, as that is the "hub" of the game world and is easy to find as all roads lead back to it and all new players start there.


  • Hey soldiers_fortune,

    Thank you for your suggestion to move School option to the Guidance Bridge and your explanation about the benefits of the new location. We can't promise that it will be changed according to your suggestion, but we appreciate that you care about the game and share your thoughts and ideas with us. Do not hesitate to continue doing it!
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