New Style, Weapon and more...

Hello! First of all i would like to say that i love this game and that im hyped for everything thats coming to the game (what we know, and what we dont)

So, first suggestion: Wushu Animals Based Style, where all moves come from the various animal styles, dragon, tiger, leopard, mantis and snake for example, this gives room for strafe moves, double hit moves, hyperarmor moves and even parry moves.
Here are some videos showing animal moves and a even sword moves:

Next Suggestion would be Staff weapon, yes i know a lot of people probably already suggested this, since its in the artwork. But i wanted to suggest it too. It doesnt need to be a long staff, since it probably would be unfair for its range. And same as the Wushu Based Style, it would give room for strafe moves, hyperarmor moves, parry moves and specially double hit moves.
Here are some videos showing basic moves and some advanced techniques:

My Last Suggestion would be some kind of Player x Player trading mechanic and/or buying/selling mechanic. So you can make some fragments by selling items to your friends, and if a friend has an item you really want and havent got through coins, you can trade it or buy it.

Thats all, keep up the amazing work. Thanks


  • Hello Diosum,

    Thank you for your positive feedback about Absolver and your suggestions about adding new Wushu Animals Based Style, Staff weapon, trading and/or buying/selling mechanic. We can't promise to add all these ideas to the game, but we are happy to get your suggestions, especially illustrated by video and to know what else can be added to make the game better. So you are welcome to discuss it further and express any other ideas you might have about the game. Thank you again!
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