Another Stamina Suggestion

Presently the way Stamina functions relates to weight. The heavier your character, the easier they tire and the harder it is to recover lost stamina. I would like to suggest an additional tweak.

The heavier a player character becomes, the less stamina it takes to absorb attacks. This reflects the armor's ability to help absorb the impacts from blocks. However, breaking attacks deal more stamina damage to heavier players to help prevent turtling.

On the other side, as a player character becomes lighter, it takes more stamina to absorb attacks. This reflects the character having to take more blows to their body due to the lack of protection. The obvious trade-off being that even though a lighter character cannot block for extended periods, they can regenerate their stamina faster than a heavier player.

The balanced player will have optimum stamina management between stamina absorption and recharge.


  • Hey soldiers_fortune,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about changing stamina balance in the game. We can't promise it will be implemented in the game, but we are glad to know your opinion and we are thankful for your suggestion. Do not hesitate to share your other ideas with the community and us.
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