The Dashlock Scenario (AKA How Fragments just decided to stop working.)

Started up Absolver yesterday and got on the PVE grind for a bit, but when I went to salvage my unwanted equipment I noticed that the number of fragments wasn't going up. In fact, there wasn't even a number to begin with. Instead of even a simple zero, there was a tiny little dash there. I soon found that because of this dash, I had absolutely no ability to do anything Fragment related, I couldn't get more, couldn't spend what I believed I had, and therefore was unable to dye or repair basically anything.

I enjoy my customization options, but this little scenario has pretty much neutered it for me. Is this some gameplay feature I'm just not privy to when you're a high enough level? I've made another character just to test it out and they're able to salvage and spend fragments till the cows come home. Because of the immense number of fragments needed for some of the available in the store, forgive me for falling under the assumption that as long as we put the time in we should be able to eventually afford them.

But if the Dashlocking of Fragments is purposeful, then I'd much appreciate some kind of explanation. If it isn't, then I suppose this is more of a question of whether or not I can get this little thing resolved without having to give up the character I've been using for the past week. I got this game during the half off sale, so perhaps I have no right to be this disconcerted. But if a game can just decide I can't use a feature that seems integral to customization randomly, then I don't think I can even bring myself to make another character out of fear the same could possibly happen to them.


  • Hello Book,

    We're sorry about this issue with Fragments on your account. We'd like to investigate more on this, and we'd need more details, please.

    - What platform are you playing Absolver on?
    - When did this issue happen: date, approximate hour(s), your timezone?
    - If you're playing on PC, could you send us by email your savefile (.zip or .rar) at, please You'll find it here: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Absolver\Saved\SaveGames

    Thanks for your patience and continued support.
  • I've been playing on Pc through my Steam account
    At best estimation I would have to say I noticed the issue at around 7:50 Pm August 6th give or take ten minutes or so, Eastern Time Zone.

    Sent the afflicted Save files, thanks for the quick response.
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