I see them in pics for canon game art but have yet to see them in the game... So where's the bo staffs?


  • Hello Evi1bryan,

    Thanks for your question! Swords and War Gloves are the only current in-game weapons upon release, but we’d like to add more in the future! We don’t have details yet but we’ll share info once we have it.
  • Pretty sure that might be their next addition since seeing it in art and canon means they’ve had the desire to put it in since the beginning. And if I may put a suggestion, could you make bo staffs a decent way to win in a 2v1 and 3v1 situation?
    Not saying they should be op, but it’s nigh impossible to win a 2v1 (let alone 3v1) situation with all players at full health. Hell, even 1 opponent at 1/2 health and the other at 1/4th is nigh impossible to win in even if you have full health. Seems like no matter what, you’ll get stomped on.
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    I for one really hope that it isn’t OP, that would mean it’d have to be an event-special item. I want an eventual Monkey King build, and I don’t want the bo-staff to be a restricted item.
  • No. I practice with a staff irl and I can already think of moves would help tremendously in a 2v1 setting without it being op in a 1v1. Start up animations are bound to be higher but with good range to help that out. Once an opponent gets in close you’re gonna wanna escape, or have fast kicks in your arsenal.

    I think the reason the bo hasn’t been implemented yet is because they would need to reanimate literally every move that has your character holding a weapon. Because I’ve noticed that all moves that don’t use the sword but have you still hold it, are the exact same animation as if you weren’t holding it. Which is fair, mind you. But with a bo it’d be harder to animate since you would need to have them hold it in a realistic way while they’re doing, say, a Jumped Light Kick? Look at where your hands go for that. With bo your hands should be in front of you with said weapon horizontally (mostly) in front of you. I’m sure they probably won’t need to change them drastically, but change them in some way to make it look realistic.
  • Actually you can win a 2on1 with forsaken style cause you need only one direction to parry every attack of an opponent thats attacking from that side.
    Regarding 3v3 the combat styles are extremely unbalanced because forsaken seems to be the only viable option
  • I use Forsaken and I’ll agree with that. But it’s still absurdly difficult when against other people who are even only half as good as you are, you know? And I’m not sure if it’s only 1 direction. Parries for Forsaken are on 4 different sides. The same directions as your stances. I mean sure in a 1v1 it looks like it’s only 2 sides. But there’s are 2 parries for behind you as well. Unfortunately, even with that knowledge, you can only parry like 1 attack at a time it seems. So getting double teamed is still a pain in the butt. Besides, a staff won’t be bound to a single class. It could help for 2v3 or 3v3 situations even if you’re a kahlt or Windfall user. Of course, I suppose that would make the staff unbalanced in the fact that it will see the most use in 3v3 compared to other weapons i suppose.

    Still tho, I want it to be a weapon that could make it fair for the guy getting ganged up on. To keep his opponents at bay so either A) his teammates can come to his aid or B) if he’s good enough, take out both opponents
  • Oh, god, I really hope it is a strong push-back weapon...
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