Enemy Issue

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In the Oratian Quarter there was an enemy that blocked the whole time. Even after breaking through its blocking position, hitting will still give the effect and will not let the health drain at all. Many other people around me tried to fight the npc, but still couldn't do anything to it. When the region reset to place new enemies, it was still there as well. (PS4 version)


  • Hello EmbrosaTheRose,

    Thank you for your report on this issue. Could you please add some details in order we can effectively investigate it?

    1) When did you experience this issue (date, approximate hour, your timezone)? Is it something you’ve encountered before, or is this the first time?
    2) What were you doing before this issue occurred?
    3) Do you have any videos or screenshots?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
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    1. (7/25) 2:43 AM, Eastern time (US) This has never happened before.
    2. Moved from a different region of the world. I was fighting other enemies that were nearby in the same bunch, with other players helping. But other than that I had just gotten into the game.
    3. I did get a video, but can't upload it. I'm sorry, I couldn't help any further with that.
  • Hello EmbrosaTheRose,

    Thank you for the additional details. I have passed it along to the dev team for investigation. If you can upload the video, you can send us a link in the email or if it's not big, you can attach it to the email. Please use support_ps4@sloclap.com for that. Don't forget to mention your PSN ID.

    Thank you so much for taking time to let us know about this issue and sharing details. We do appreciate it!
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