graphic bug at " colombier adalien" boss the sibling

when i fight the 2 boss of adalan comlobier i see 2 other sprites of them but inactives and i can through them .
attractive work !!! Continue and thank a lot ! :)


  • Hello paonoir,

    Thank you for your kind words and sorry for the issue. Please clarify:
    - When did you experience this issue?
    - Is it something you’ve encountered before, or is this the first time?
    - What were you doing before this issue occurred? Does issue happens every time they do this?
    This information will help us in the investigation of the issue. It would be nice to have screenshots or video if possible.

    Thank you for your support!
  • I had this same issue couple days ago. You can turn on Vsync in graphics options and it will go away next time you're in that place. Even tough it solved my problem for like 99.9%, i encountered the same problem again after turning vsync on but only one time. Have a good day.
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