[PC] Technical and Gameplay Bamboozling

Hello there,
I already posted this on Reddit, but after getting two times wrongly shadowbanned (which means some posts could not be seen by others, now fixed), I thought giving a shot to the official forums.

So here are some bugs I've encountered:
- Controller shenanigans - the controller handeling is complete rubbish on my system (and on friends). Like for real, I first thought it's my controller thats so random, but on any other game there is not a single problem with it. What's so bad about it? Vibrationsystem is complete utter mess. 10-20sec delay (hit, 10-20sec, vibration), not taking a signal (pressing a button, nothing happens, can happen anytime, only solution: reconnecting), delayed latency (just so much that it's "playable"). For me there is a difference when playing wireless with my XBOX One controller or wired. Different vibrationpatterns, bugs. It's to random to notice a pattern or a source of error. At least for me and my time. And BTW, ever noticed that you not supposed to use the SELECT button for anything? If you do (like me, for emoting etc.) you will not be able to change your deck while meditating until you deleted SELECT as button on the layout.

Videos of mine recording some issues mentioned. You may need to use headphones and turn the volume up a bit to hear the vibration. The timestamps are below.
Vibration-Delay Bug while wired:
First attack row (button pressed): 0:02
First vibration row feedback: 0:15
Second attack row (button pressed): 0:23
Second vibration row feedback: 0:37

Random Non-Stop vibration:
You can hear and see the controller vibrating from start to 0:08 for no apparent reason. The controller was vibrating for a lot longer before I've recorded this occurence.

- Network Connectivity - it feels random to say the least. Sure thing, in an online game there will always be high ping players etc. Problem is there is no competion if there is to much lag. Of course I don't know what's up with the other players internet, but I ensure myself everytime (via ping cmd) that it's not my internets fault when it's lagging. And it never according to the ping logs. Timings get messed up, attacks hit but don't deal damage, teleporting, etc. are the result of this problem I assume.
For example I fought against a streamer, we both live in Germany, we both have an excellent ping (his 8-10ms, mine 20-25ms) and yet still there is lag, the timings are screwed (for attacks/style/item usage, etc.)

- Attacks, their description/translation and gameplay use - OK, now that might be a bit picky. But some of the translations (to other languages) aren't correct. Some attacks and their handeling ingame seem cheap, buggy or not right. E.g. dodging with our player "through" an attack, with the hitbox and everything, not getting a hit (Mawashi is one of those if I remember correctly). Range on some attacks seem outer place (could be a part-problem of the network connectivity issues, I'm not sure)

- Technical frame - most of players will/shall ignore this part. You can not change the priority of Absolver on Windows that easily. Why I ever would change that? Because if some other App/Exe is running in a higher priority Absolver will stutter. If you open an App from the WindowsStore for what ever reason, it usually gets a high priority. Absolver doesn't want a higher priority. Probably because of the AntiCheat-things, but as a player that kinda sucks. Another thing that I can't expect to happen (because it's not that standard in games) is to be able to choose which monitor I want to play on (like on Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Siege, CS Source, etc.). Motion Blur should be able to remove from the game in the options. There are people out there who hate Motion Blur, you know?

That's all for now. I would appreciate if some Developer could at least look at some of this issues. They maybe seem small, but ingame they annoy the player, which results in abandoning Absolver sadly.


  • Hey Colletior,

    Thank you for bringing this to the community! Thanks to the video you posted, as well as the time stamps for the issues you faced, I'll be able to bring this to the team to look into. While I can't guarantee a direct response, I'll make absolutely sure that it gets their attention.

    Thanks again for your support and we apologize for this negative experience and for any frustration it may have caused.

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    Got something new recorded:

    Now for information reasons:
    I'm slowed down, I cannot move like I suppose to. You can see my controller, you can see my monitor. In fight it was more noticeable. It was as if the fight was in "Slow Motion", Matrix style (I'm not kidding). He could parry easier, I could absorb, but with screwed timings. However, my opponent said he did see me running weird, but while fighting he said he didn't notice anything strange.

    Happened after beating my opponent once this round, the match before it was kind a laggy, but nothing too fishy about it. THAT however is a whole other story. Got his permission to upload this scene.
    This is a problem.

    After getting out of this match everything was normal. If you need more information (anyone that wants to know) you can contact me anytime (fasted way would be Steam)
  • Hello Colletior,

    Thank you for additional information and video! We are sorry that you've faced this issue with weird movement. All data was passed along to the dev team for the investigation.

    Thanks for your patience and support!
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