1.13 issues

So while i like the idea of balancing the moves better, i gotta be honest im having a hard time here guys.
The gold chaing/linking is definitely top of the list as far as things that need to be put back the way it was, but aside from that it seems like alot and i mean alot of my moves phase right through other players, im an avid absolver o.g. at this point and i wanna know how the hell npc's and low levels are more tedious than ever, it doesnt so much as feel like a fight as a constant trading of one or two attacks and dodge cause the timing is so off between different moves an the goldchaining...
Im not gonna give up on the game but as someone who loves this title, please please study these issues and tighten it up, everything was really smooth for the most part but now my best two decks have become useless considering i can hardly string my moves together fast enough to land a single strike and now literally every deck i try to build around these set backs seems to be even worse than the last....
Idk if hit detection couldve been effected by the new changes in pace but all to often am i missing perfectly obvious contact with my opponents: / kinda hard to enjoy a fight when my fists go directly through my enemys face as they wind up and attack without even a scratch...
Oh and whats up with my stamina???
Seems like whether im gold chaining or not i cant get through a few moves without running on empty and suddenly im a literal punching bag till it finally restores?
I dont mean to come off like im complaining i just really miss the fun i was having 42 hours ago.
Fold well my friends.


  • Hi SlyRiot,

    Thank you for sharing your impressions after the update. It is important for us to know how last changes have influenced your game experience.
  • I apologize for coming to you with complaints after you all have worked so hard, please know that i was also not in a calm state of mind while playing so i may have been unnecessarily harsh with my post; for that im sorry.
  • I feel your frustration Sly.
  • I feel you on the stamina thing.
  • Hmm.... strange things happen. I'm not sure if I had those "fists go directly through my enemys face" - there were several occasions where I felt something wrong, but I'm not sure if it's related to what SlyRiot described.

    I do have an impression it's easier to avoid or counter gold-link now. Where previously I was almost always smacked in the face, now I have a chance to counter or, if I'm lucky, avoid a move with some right timing. But than it can as well be my imagination and a simple fact that the more I play the more expecience I get. Or maybe both. Guess it's harder to tell the difference since I don't use long series of fast moves myself.

    The stamina thing though.... It's there, but I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Before you could simple spam a very long series of moves, pummeling a block of your oponent, waiting for his mistakes. Now it seems to me that exchanges are shorter and I really like the fact I have to think about my stamina. It adds a thole new depth to this wonderful game.
  • True...true.
  • Okay. So now that i have played a bit more an have gotten used to the new changes, i actually like them mostly.
    I got the timing on gold chaining again an its not as bad as i thought lol id still like it the way it was but i can deal.
    Still occasionally missing hit boxes or "phasing through my enemys face"
    And i must say i regret my impulsive need to bitch and moan about such a balanced system lol
    The stamina drain is a bit annoying sometimes cause i have several powerful moves in my favorite deck and i can just barely get through it all before my stamina runs out, which honestly...always happened? So now im just confused on why i feel like i have less stamina when fighting? Maybe im just not accounting for my dashing or evading/blocking but truthfully its probably just cause i cant get stamina from shockwave anymore :/ thats like all i would use it for was to break a spammer or give myself some space an some stamina after unleashing a flurry of my own. Im gonna miss that lil stamina boost
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