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  • its an interesting idea. Unfortunately, there has been no SloClap presence for over a year on these forums. Development for the game ceased over a a year ago. No one knows what, if any projects SloClap is working on. the core of this game is one o…
  • did you contact support_online@sloclap.com as the message indicates?
  • There has not been any interaction with Sloclap staff on these forums for over 6 months. I do not know if they actively communicate through any other sources. It appears they are unable, or unwilling to engage with the community. Absolver is a goo…
  • There has not been much Sloclap attention to the forums for the past 9 months. There does not appear to be any support for the game currently.
  • A while back they added a redundancy to game saves. So, there should be your primary save, named Fury, and a backup save Fury-1 below it. Do you backup your game saves to the cloud? You might be able to grab an earlier iteration of your game save th…
  • Hello- you may want to read this- https://reddit.com/r/absolver/comments/aakzjm/open_letter_to_absolver_community/ This is an open letter from the Dev Team, basically saying that there will be no more substantive updates with the game.
  • Im downloading it as I type this.
  • Very well put together. Your work supporting this game with your thoughtful feedback, and concise, helpful information like this are to be applauded. Thank you methamos.
  • MrOmmy- no, not jade yet, still working my way thru bronze. I will try and get on later today; 6-8 PM Central time.
  • PS4 user here Quixote send me message and we can spar sometime.
  • I think what Infall is trying to report is that sometimes, there is more than one Marked one at the fighting points. This has been occurring since launch; occasionally there will be more than one, usually two, Marked Ones of the same name at the f…
  • Sloclap Team. I appreciate your continued efforts to support and enhance this game. I have to admit, I have taken a bit of a break from the game for the past few weeks, but these additions will definitely bring me back. keep up the good work.
  • The man who helps you open and manage your school, actually mentions that the statues are a tribute, if I remember correctly.
    in The statues Comment by Quixote May 2018
  • that sounds very promising. Thanks for the information.
  • Suggestions like this seem to come up every now and again. It seems to me that the PVE portion of the game provides you the experience you are looking for.
  • I tend to agree with the idea that fast spam type decks are the most difficult to deal with and least fun to fight against. Hate the player, dont hate the game, is all im saying.
  • Araziel333 you clearly dont like the Goldlink component of the fighting in Absolver. You make several points throughout this post which are not completely compatible. You criticize the game for being too simplistic, and yet you argue to take one o…
  • Hello SloClap- I was wondering if there were any details you could provide regarding upcoming changes and/or additions to the School feature. thank you for your continued support.
  • https://www.twitch.tv/rollotomozi Absolver streams, and whatever else I feel like playing.
  • Has anyone taken time to stop and look at the mural in the top of the Tower? It seems to me that it is related to the discovery of the essence.
  • they kinda sorta did- https://www.absolvergame.com/forums/discussion/26901/absolver-mask-design-contest-sloclap-winner-and-community-votes-begins#latest
  • The thing about Goldlink is this; Before the game came out the devs explained in some of the presentations of the game, that the Goldlink, what they referred as the Flow,was a core element to the fighting. As others have said, I make use of Goldlin…
  • i agree that we are taking more damage overall, but I also agree that the recent changes have resulted in more diverse deck builds in the community. I feel that this is a net positive result.
  • Hmm k you mates think that way Defensive abilities are not op. They are countered by alt moves that hit from opposite direction or fast-slow pair as well as feint. With cue, there would be more to-and-fro, more balanced match by narrowing the sk…
  • perhaps this would be a good thing to add if our Training Dummy attacked us, as that would be helpful for folks to understand the timing of actions, but not interfere with actual gameplay.
  • thanks for the clarification. I appreciate your continued efforts at improving the gaming experience.
  • Specific questions I have- If a Mentor changes a deck, how do those changes take effect, are they immediate? is the Student notified of the changes? If a Student has already reached maximum progression in a School, do they recieve the updated reward…
  • Hi . 1.16 is out, but there really isn't any information that I could find that addresses the concerns I brought up in the above post about modifying School Decks and Rewards. Can you provide some clarification, thanks in advance.
  • ... I think the game needs some more Twitch streamers. Good music + Absolver is an interesting stream. There were a lot of these toward the beginning, now streams are pretty sparse. Some more PVE will help, too, people are jumping into pvp too soon …