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  • It's done, thank you.
  • Nous sommes plusieurs ( tous ? ) dans ce cas suite à la maj Downfall apparemment. Le support conseil d'envoyer le fichier de sauvegarde au support pc par mail, perso j'ai tout perdu ayant commencé le jeu suite à la maj... Je viens de recréer un per…
  • Non, malheureusement. C'est d'ailleurs une demande qui revient assez souvent, j'ai moi même appuyé un topic dans le forum suggestion qui allait dans ce sens.
  • Yea there needs to be a cost to redistribute. I don't think so because this game is finally only PVP and change our style is the only way to have fun for a long time. Reset stats need to be free to push players to vary their moves like Diablo III wh…
  • In a game like this where points allocation is really decisive, a reset option is needed. The deck system allow us to change our style at any time, therefor our stats do not match anymore. To my point, reset with no restriction is the best idea to…
  • Maybe add a jump feature except in combat mode because, me too, I feel something is missing when I cross the map. But we are in a vs fighting game so it's not really important.