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  • Yep, happened to me before. Definitely a bug.
  • null You can't compare windfall to forsaken. Windfalls effectiveness in having 3 valid inputs to evade an attack is dependent on your opponents deck. No matter what your opponents deck is, forsaken is either left or right. I perso…
  • Well it depends if your opponent uses it. You can equip an attack to counter it or use your defensive ability to counter it. It is your choice. If your opponent is a turtle and you know he'll use roll back fist as a starter, you should be …
  • Sweeps can stop roll back fist, just don't start with jabs. Or wait your opponent to use roll back fist, then counter attack.
  • If attacking fails, block, use defensive trait, counter attack or wait for an opening in your opponents deck and throw a quick attack to interrupt. You have to learn and adapt to your opponents deck and playstyle.
  • Nope, pretty active on PS4 EU
  • The whole point of PVP is to adapt to your opponents playstyle and abilities. It's sort of harder in a good way, in this game as every opponent has a different moveset.
  • Feint and punish to overcome forsaken players. Obviously your experience will become somewhat lacklustrer, your re-matching the same dude multiple times and it's very easy to get a lucky parry. Also, It would be impossible for anyone to …
  • I agree, shockwave in its current state has resulted in players not even using their defensive traits (parry, absorb etc.) but relying solely on shockwave to give them stamina regen, relief from pressure, and ledge knock offs. They just combo, …