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  • I believe I had already learned them. They were still available after I left the original school. The ones that I used while in Raikkos school were ones I learned from that school for The xp, but when I created my own I selected the same 2 skills bu…
  • Ps4. 1st time encounter, started immediately after creating my own school. After I created the school and set up the deck and skills etc, I played a game of 1v1 pvp to find I had no skills. I was beaten in 1 round and my shockwaves came back bu…
  • I've been nailing people using the handstand kick today, I'm just trying to figure out the tell tale signs of a WWDP aside from what move they generally use before it. Thanks for the tips.
  • Well I left my own school and went back to the games own school run by Raikko and my skills have come back in pvp but I've lost all progress in the school.
  • After fighting in pvp to get a crystal to edit my school I managed to gain back my powers. I went down in 1 round and gained shockwave and again went down to get heal back. If I stayed fighting the same opponent I kept my powers, but if I fought som…
  • I'm using windfall as I prefer to dodge. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll try work on my duck and jumps. Its just really frustrating with the incredible speed. I do think it is something the developers need to address, but trying to beat it like this …
  • WWDP is definitely one of them yeah but also handstand kick and a couple others I'm not sure of the names. A sweeping kick, spinning high kick, hooked punch and high roundhouse kick. Basically there combos are all wide zonal attacks. Sometimes I can…