As an update, have found a good group of people. Feel free to message to join or add Raging_Bhudda on PSN, I am now level 480 I think CT level 310....hmu


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  • Also he's probably using parry and strike, it's like the fastest single punch in the game and will interrupt almost anything, but if he is stepcanceling to only use those two, you definitely have a window for punishment
  • Mobility has nothing to do with attack speed. There are entire threads about this. It might be cheap, that just means you gotta get the timing down. And also, dont feel bad from people like that playing the game, they aren't deriving the pleasure th…
  • Yeah every move you listed can at least be blocked dodged and parried, there is no "unbeatable" moveset, just especially remember don't get frustrated mid Match, then it seems unbeatable. We've all been there
  • If you respond I'll play with ya, I'm by no means a vet but I am in the same boat as you, could be fun
  • Are you PS4 or PC? I think I recognize your name
  • Not sure if you've got a response from anyone else, but I have a decent amount of windfall sword moves that I can let you counter
  • Just to expand, if you attack me, expect a. To die, even if I'm afk when you start, b. You will either not be rezzed or you will be rezzed and then killed and rezzed and killed again until you give up and run away or respawn. And that to me is commo…
  • So, things I've noticed are you can still level pretty fast while losing, also bronze while at 25 looks rough but it's really not that high of a level. Study them, use your defensive ability, and remember that unless you know how to use it khalt met…
  • Honestly the easiest thing to do is make a new char, make them forsaken, get them to ct level 50, super easy, and then make a school, your main will then have it, use forsaken with your main deck, I mastered the style in 3 hours