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  • @Slocap Guys, Could you please check, if new patch haven't messed up your previous network fixes? Since 1.08 lags, rubberbanding and "forever load" are getting worse day by day. I don't know, maybe reiterative testing is passee.
  • I would like to see "jump", as ingredient in the combo to work as part of the move. Ie. you press the jump and attack move right after and perform other attack (mid air?) - this would give jumping more context but would not work in the free world wh…
  • Hi Furolles, Just to mention, that there were two suggestions actually: 1.) Connect styles with decks 2.) Allow free switching between decks (similar to switching stances?) Best regards, Wilczasty
  • My deck has one move per direction + 4 Alternatives. non-Alternative moves are selected in a way to loop through all four directions. non-Alternative moves are selected to be as fast as possible. Alternative moves must have special purpose: - 2 char…
  • I am more concerned about the impact of the patch. Releasing new features when previous iteration is like swiss cheese - bold move. Hope guys won't give up before delivering the working product.
  • Hi, There are ridiculus lags. In a game when you must get perfect timing to evade/counter attack - you have trouble. If somehow you can throw your golden combo laglessly - try to use special abilities Stagger offers nice dogdes with small attach, …
  • It would be great, if dev team could focus on fixing those outstanding bugs before tinkering with real content. This game was an amazing idea, but the quality of the soft itself... By number of discussions it's clear that players have more to say ab…