Absolver 2

Most of us have heard by now, that there will be no new content added to Absolver.
While this is disappointing, its also understandable.
Sloclap has provided a good deal of content and support for free, and a business needs revenue to stay in operation.

That said, I think that the Absolver IP has a lot of untapped potential. If the current features were enhanced, and new content, and features were added, I believe the game would be worth full game price.
If Absolver 2 were created, it would attract new players, pique the interest of former players, revitalize the current playerbase, and generate revenue for the Company.

I would be interested to hear others opinions on the merit of a sequel to Absolver.


  • Wait, so... that's for real? No more content? That's a shame... but are we at least getting the rest of what's listed under upcoming features, or have we already gotten that?

    Regardless, I'd certainly pick up a sequel if they made one. I'd love to see new styles, abilities, powers, and moves. But above all, I'd love to have access to a greater range of fashion (and more complete armor sets tbh).
  • ofc id love an absolver 2 but im not so sure if we ever get a similar Game from sloclap
  • This is good news. I came a looking when I saw the Steam Controller 2 plans. I think this is the perfect game, to capitalize on the controller. Also there's already a Steam Controller they can work with, to make progress with until there's more information about the second version. I am looking forward to a second Absolver and how it'll be played. Just hoping they'll be able to something, that's a bit more long lived with a second game.
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