Xbox Not submitting school xp

You need to fix this ASAP. I am not going to sit here and do PVP when my school xp is not submitting it to the pool!


  • I should be level 3 right now in my school - I am still level 1. Not to mention I keep getting disconnected in 3v3s... Very frustrated. The issue keeps happening after every 3v3 session when I hit continue, it keeps doing the loading symbol and it says it fails to submit school xp, then it asks me if I want to retry or hit no. I hit retry. I get the same thing again, until it literally just loads me into the next match, so therefor my experience is lost, and I get d/ced in the next match, half way through.
  • Same for me on xbox.

    No news from dev.. i think the game die when he was born on xbox.
    On ps4 we don't have any problem..
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