Are people Cheating/ Hacking???

I've been playing the combat trials all day and I keep running into the same 3 problems. 1: no special/dodging. 2: constant abuse of desynchronization by stunlocking. 3: people who aren't even finished leaving up to 60 having 3 shot kills on me, and I'm wearing some heavy armor too. BTW, I've been playing the game since last Christmas, so I know I've only had these problems lately. What's going on?


  • Also, as soon as I pull a sword out, no matter if the enemy has one or not, my attacks literally go THROUGH my opponent.
  • Hi OneHandedMiz3ry,

    If you feel people are cheating in-game, please send us an email to either support_pc or support_ps4 (at) sloclap (dot) com with their name/ID, a description of what's going on, and a video of what happened if possible. We'll then have the team review it.

  • The hacks that are currently being utilized are either OverBauding and ping lagers... OverBauding causes users to get extra speed in these games just by using a internet amplifier on a already fast connection, laggers are just latency issues. And yes, they seem untouchable...
  • Laggers can artificially inturrupt a return response. This causes your data stream to them to be incomplete making your attack do nothing.

    I've had this issue a couple of times and since to actually lag cheat this way is difficult, I just chalk it up to general server to client lag.

    It sucks but in poor connection areas it happens.
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