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If there's one gimmick I see a lot, it's boxing. I'm into it, I think Liddykins does it, and I see several other chars using boxing builds. So why not have a boxing style. Give them a bad-A Boxing stance and have them be a tank. For the ability, do Active Defense: While holding block, push the toggle in the direction the attack is coming from to negate stamina damage. It's simple, its practical, its realistic, works great at suppressing spam attacks and is markedly different from other abilities. Plus it creates a real tank class (I see Kahlt to be more Berserker than Tank). Plus I want it... and I'm special...


  • A boxing style might sound nice but i think its unnecessary. I am not familiar with real martial arts but im sure there are a lot of them, too many to implement each one individually. Thats why choosing fitting moves to recreate something like a boxing deck is fun, dont you think?
  • True. It wouldnt need to be "Boxing" per se, but something that has that style. Like a boxing/kick-boxing/Muay Thai thing. A "Hard-Style" if you will
  • It really does need a set style because regardless of how you set a boxing deck its just a shitty Forsaken deck.

    The game itself just needs more styles in general, and more methods of unlocking styles. Having to lose schools just to learn styles is pretty stupid.

    The ability you're describing though just sounds like shittier Kahlt. Negative stamina in a vacuum, no frame advantage, etc., etc.

    To be honest a style similar to Stagger but with a different back-stick ability would probably benefit most of the boxing builds given they rely on speed. Rather than have it be a "defensive ability", maybe give each stick a dodge property and a small attack, and back stick be some kinda guardbreak or some shit given the limit of relevant fist moves.

    Obvious drawback, the ability should disregard kick moves entirely, but again this is all just theoretical. Implementing this would be tricky, because although it would benefit boxing builds and build variety, it would also benefit other decks far more, creating the question of whether this is a boxing ability or just a good ability. So I mean a person with an all kick build could just use this and it'd be useful.

    At the moment the best ability for Boxing is Forsaken for obvious reasons, Windfall due to the stance advantage and the guarantee of jabs (which is a core concept of boxing), Stagger because of the consistent offensive pressure (again, a core concept of boxing), and Kahlt last (useful for getting trades but hard to get consistent aggression due to no stamina and shit neutral).

    TL;DR, I agree and would like more styles in general, but the means of obtaining a style and the usefulness of it should all play a factor as well.
  • I hear all that but here's my core theory. When somebody tries to hit you, you can - Dodge it (avoid), intercept the hit (parry), eat the hit (Khalt), dance around like an idiot (Stagger) or.... block it. I get that everybody can block but when I think of a boxing or kickboxing stance/style I picture a fighter low-set, chin-down, elbows in, hands-up, looking impenetrable. A traditional boxing stance is a highly defensive stance compared to...well, any other martial art. And as far as defensive options go, there's not really a good BLOCK. (shrug) maybe I'm boring but I think its cool. In Thai Boxing you can shell-up and just defend (i.e. the games current block) or you can actively block with checks. The checks absord the damage prior to it just crashing into your guard. The game already has offensive styles that are high-risk high-reward; this ability would be low-risk, low-reward and make sense for the look/style of a boxer. In practice an opponent could wail on you and while blocking you would check hits that you saw coming to mitigate stamina damage (if you miss the check, it still just hits your guard as usual); once they've tired out, you bring the pain; aint nuthin more boxy than that.
  • Make it so hitting the wrong direction causes a slight blockstun increase, whilst hitting the correct direction gives small stamina regen (Current Forsaken regen or slightly lower). Then give it a stagger like I-Frame retreat when pushed back, and an on-demand guard break shoulder bash when pushed forward.

    I think it'd be pretty good in the right hands then.
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    Shoulder Rolls in boxing are a defensive ability.

    If you want a guardbreak, when you do a forward stick your character should do an upper or a smash, in typical (nonprofessional) boxing matches that's going to knock someones guard above for you to hit them in the face.

    But again, that makes it situational. With a guardbreak on command whats stopping a kick build from using it? Or really any build.

    They'd really need to flesh out an idea for Boxing, but I can already tell you it'd be a priority for many people to get it.

    My personal opinion is it'd be hard to make such a style because as far as defensive techniques goes, boxing in itself is defensive, but its only defensive because a major core of it is blocking and footwork.

    Make it focused on footwork and its just windfall. A focus on blocking is just like... blocking.

    Implementing weaving? They have attacks that do that (to an extent), and if they gave the ability an on-command weave it could be very OP (Hypothetically, left/right is strafes, back is low, and forward is guardbreak smash or straight). And still consider that, will this ability ban kick moves? Chops? Stagger moves? If it doesn't whats stopping others from using it with their deck if it gets all these properties.

    Although personally I'd like the idea of a weaving/strafing ability, I'm not sure how that would work with balancing. They could maybe make it a class that gives no stamina for the ability but has far more stamina than other classes given boxers do excessive roadwork to maintain a certain level of fitness.


    I think the best one would be to implement it as a rushdown character, or an inboxer(something we're lacking, as it's always better in this game at the moment to play defensive to learn the enemies deck, and punish). High stamina scaling, no stamina gain on ability success, left stick does a quick leftbound hook with your right hand, and has leftbound parry/blocking properties, right stick does a rightbound hook with left hand, and has rightbound parry/blocking properties, backstick something like Stagger's where you use some footwork to do a small escape with iFrames, and forward stick being something like a guardbreak straight or an upper. The guardbreak should do good stamina damage but shit HP damage to reward pressure instead of mashing it like an idiot.

    This will reward players for learning the enemy deck by letting them parry with the hooks, and also will let more technical players initiate with stick setups and allow things similar to Kahlt Combo Reset.

    Mid combo, tap left/right stick, and whatever stance you are in, you perform a combo starting from its original string rather than continuing the combo previously (if that makes sense).

    The negatives would be no stance advantage/manipulation, low damage off the abilities themselves (since its a parry ability with a set move you can't buffer something else for more damage), and difficulty of escaping neutral due to it not being a defensive ability, rather it being an OFFENSIVE ability. The ability itself should also not let you mash the stick. The idea of left/right stickmash like mad with the parries irritates me, and the ability should have high endlag unless you follow it up with a combo from your deck. Circumventing this, instead of like other abilities where you can use it out of hitstun, give the ability itself a cooldown, maybe of 2 or 3 seconds.

    Basically the deck gives you more options to initiate and pressure, but limits your escape options even more. The backstick iFrame should have absurdly tiny distance to really put pressure on the lack of defensive ability, and force you to focus on jabs and fast initiators as a boxer should.

    This gives us a good balance. Its not quite Kahlt, not quite Stagger, not quite Windfall, and not quite Forsaken. Instead of the defensive traits, it has offensive traits.

    idk tho kek.
  • I like it! And it makes sense from a boxing stand-point. When you throw a right-hook, you keep your left hand up; attack with you right / defend with your left and vice-versa. That's boxing 101. I feel like a parry element to the ability is a little OP. I feel like a simultaneous side-block / side-attack is already pretty powerful. As for the front-toggle guard break... I have mixed feelings. The designers need to just add that as a standard move, a Heavy-Uppercut Guard Breaker or something; I'm afraid adding a stamina-draining class ability encourages fast spammers to just throw quick attacks non-stop and enact the guard drain the moment players block. How about front and back toggles manage distance (very important in boxing); how about a guarded dash forward and backward. Forward toggle dives-in with the guard up and back toggle escapes. That way players can semi-safely dive-in (in-fight), land a quick series of punches then jump-out. As for penalizing kicks, meh. There's no logical reason a person couldnt throw a kick from a boxing stance (kick-boxing); I think the fact that the class ability is clearly boxing-centric is enough to cement the style's boxing nature. And as Calb pointed out, they couldnt just call it "Boxing", thats a little on the nose and defeats the whole build-your-own vibe of the game. The developers would have to call it something magical like...I dunno, "Tower Guard" or something fantastical like that.
  • Managing distance is something step dashes and quick steps already do. Getting hit during a step in will always hurt even if you have your guard up and in a match would contribute to your foes points. Boxing is a sport about getting the least hits on you and hitting them as much as you can, and is supposed to be either a testament of strength or a testament of evasive prowess.

    You're either slugging it or tiring them out with sharps.

    I agree they shouldn't call it boxing, give it some random rogue ass name. OK adjectives uh.


    Boom. Now add some lore.
    Just put boxing lore but replace it with Oratian lol.

    "Originally a form of entertainment and a test of strength, a duo of Oratians would enter combat trials with one express goal : The prize of essence. However, following the downfall, desperation took over and" something something about Oratian Operatives and escaping The Downfall with all the sulfur.

    Give it a "method ability name"


    Bam we got a class in hypothetical works.

    All it needs is the actual content, IE, function in the game AHUE.
  • I realize this thread is old but I would like to voice my support for a well developed western boxing style in game. I box IRL and I love it and I think it would be awesome to have some analogue in Absolver. I have attempted to create a boxing style on my own and it feels very 'meh'. I like a lot of the ideas I see here and I would love to see some more boxing moves in game (All the low hits especially since sweeps and ducks destroy my boxing deck. Think the step-in low jab to initiate or the low hook to the liver, maybe make a double hit 1-2). As for defensive abilities I like the idea of the 'jab out'. I use it all the time. End your combo with a jab while stepping backwards out of range. Slips, strafing footwork, or a shielded step in with guard up would be sweet for boxing too. I would like to think none of these are particularly OP, but who knows. Just my two cents. Thought this post deserved a bump. Keep up the great work!
  • Pick Kahlt, select only punches. Done.
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