I don't think Kahlt is as under powered as everyone makes it out to be

For reference, I'm around 400 CT as a windfall. Kahlt is probably the trickiest ability to master. That being said, most of my consistent loses come off of facing good kahlt players, that basically use absorb as an interrupt and setup into an attack string. Some other common things I've noticed;

- Most of them also use a ton of inherit dodge moves, usually in their main deck but also bound to alternates
- Many of them have body blow or roll punch bound to an alternate, and use those moves when they see an incoming guard break when they absorb.
-Most of them have a charge attack bound to alternates to use off an absorb, and they use an absorb to soak up the first fast jab in a string.

I'm not saying kahlt is the best class in the game, but its at the least on par with windfall and not a distant third.


  • Put that deck on any other class and you will have significantly more neutral presence.

    Body Blow, Rollback Fist, and Roll Punch are all just general things most builds will use. The difference is most classes don't need them.

    You see most Kahlts run that because without those moves Kahlt is pretty much trash. It has an ability that gives "frame advantage" against moves that are slow. Anything around medium/fast speeds will hit a Kahlt before he can cast his move due to his not being gold.

    The fact that Kahlt has to rely on the meta to even be relevant is a huge problem because other classes do not need (as much) specific catering to their deck to function at a minimum level to be viable.
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